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Noted dog photographer Nancy Anisfield was also there, chronicling our work for Upland Almanac and Versatile Hunting Dog magazines. This is one of her shots.

If you watched Cast & Blast and What the Dogs Taught Me on that other network back in the day, you might remember Duke. He is the shorthair that arrived one night, hunted with us the next day, and impressed me with his stoicism and the way he blossomed in that one single Montana day.

Since then, I’ve been curious about his home, line, and the breeders at Pheasant Bonanza who did such a great job with him.

Starting this Monday, watch his relatives work the fields Duke was trained in, and enjoy the hunt! Details on where to watch, here.

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Another very nice article by Nancy Anisfield, this one highlighting the great work my crew does. Like what you see on TV? Thank a crew member!

This, from Upland Almanac. For more information and a subscription go here.

Read the article here: Upland Almanac WUSA

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It's all part of the plan ... photo by Nancy Anisfield/anisfield hunting dog photography

Um, no, it’s not what some call a “cluster.” This is a good example of the hardworking Wingshooting USA crew literally getting all the angles last week at Quail Country Plantation. Dog on point, Lynn Berland (on left) creeps in for a canine closeup.

Meanwhile, Tad Newberry grabs a shot of yours truly (out of frame) getting ready to back Bob (far right) as Terry Wilson of Ugly Dog Hunting Co. handles his wire Scrub.  (By the way, this quail towered like a ringneck then streaked down a lane in the chinaberry trees. I actually hit it with my second shot!) That is truly a rare occasion – you can bet it will make the final cut.

Enjoy the sunshine and bare ground; and yes, I got a sunburn. Watch for it on the show this fall.

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