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Want to get in shape? Want to keep track of your elusive 16-week-old German wirehair puppy? Want to win friends and impress the girls?

Okay, that last part was just for giggles, but the first two parts are absolutely, positively achievable if you just follow my simple plan … make like a dog and put it in four-wheel drive. Maybe it won’t work all the time (after all, they can run faster than we can safely stumble “off-road”). But it’s a challenging, fun, gratifying way to work your dog and get fit. 

Easy to see now, but just wait until he goes "off road."

Benefit #1: You’ll keep a closer eye on your dog and avoid “misplacing” him when you’re emulating his search pattern. Once you’re off the beaten track (literally) it’s easier to see your dog … after all, you’re doing your darndest to keep up with him so you: a) pretty much know where he is; b) know about where he’s going; c) are closer and can often hear him, his bell, or the rustle of brush.  If your dog is low, small, dark, sage-colored, fleet-of-foot, or otherwise almost invisible you celebrate that proximity when you start your (less frantic) search.

Benefit #2: Following the road-not-taken is a bun-building, sweaty workout! Uneven ground and brush populating your route will test and tone muscles you seldom use. In magazines named after TV talk show hosts they call that “cross training.” You gain renewed appreciation for your dog, who always seems to be headed uphill. You will find new plants, fascinating geology and incredible views. The grinding boredom you willing accept from a trudge on the Stairmaster or running track is a distant memory. Every stride is a new adventure.

[NOTE TO LAB OWNERS: take map and compass, GPS, cell phone and other items to help you find your way back. Once you’ve thanked Search & Rescue for their help, buy a trap gun.]


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