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You really do learn something new every day. At the ISE show in Denver today, it was all about wildlife. I am a bit color blind, so when that bright red Kestrel tail waves at me from the sky, hovering over a hapless rodent, it’s pretty awesome.

You know the feeling – a bonus, what the Cajuns call lagniappe, something extra in a day of bird hunting (in our case, at least). Whether it’s a trickle of water in the desert, or that elk skylined¬†against a cobalt-blue sky when you’re after mulies.¬†

So when I passed the exhibit at the ISE show and saw this tail, I knew it was worth asking about. There is something just a bit different. Take a close look, you wildlife watchers (aren’t we all?). Tell me what’s unique about this kestrel tail.

And thanks for coming out to hear my presentations – it was fun! See you in Des Moines in late February.

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