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I am so sick and tired of the holier-than-thou types who look down their noses at us. “Us” being the physically-active, close-to-the-land carnivores who choose to gather some of our own food the old fashioned way.

Wild-crafted free-range protein … you gotta problem with that?

In the West, a “Coca-Cola cowboy” is a poser, looks the part but wouldn’t know a heifer from a Hereford. “All hat and no cattle” is a similar description of this notorious breed. The first moniker is appropriate for many of our acquaintances; the second too rich in irony to address here and now.

You know the type: pontificating about how healthy a vegetarian diet is, or holding court on how “cruel” killing is, all the while wearing leather shoes. Or the soccer mom driving her Prius down the road liquefying bugs, vaporizing birds and flattening possums on the way to her Humane Society meeting. Or the patchouli-oiled dread-head railing on the superiority of his organic-natural-additive-and-poison free diet, then tossing back PBRs like it was happy hour on Judgment Day.

When I was in politics, it was easier to call bullsh*t. It was a battle to the death, so to speak, us versus them. Now, not so much … especially, as my lovely wife points out so often, when they’re neighbors/friends/etc.

It would be easier to tolerate their bulging-eyed rants if they actually believed their own mantra of “live and let live.” But I’ve yet to meet one who actually walks the talk. They don’t eat meat … but Chilean sea bass prepared by a celebrity chef is okay. “Nothing with a face” enters their own pie hole, but fresh calamari is to die for! Or the “vegetarian” who came to our Thanksgiving dinner and ate the stuffing that had cooked in the turkey, but not the turkey itself.

Or the worst offender, while never admitting it: It’s all good, as long as someone else does the dirty work and delivers my protein hermetically sealed in plastic, in a shape no longer resembling the original animal. Translation: you are scum, ideally suited to the task of chasing-killing-gutting … but I am above all that.

How do you deal with this? I’m not looking for guidance because I let the chips fall where they may depending on the stupidity of my opponent. But I am curious to know what you’ve done in these types of situations, and how it turned out.

Think about it. Even if you’ve never run into a bore like those above. What would you do?

I’m not asking how you would “convert” someone to your side, just how you would react and respond so that “our” side is accurately portrayed and our passion (hunting) is not further threatened with abolition using the “humane” argument. Or is that even possible? Or do you care?

I think it does, because as Benj. Franklin said “if we don’t all hang together we will most assuredly hang separately.”

What about you?

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