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I should have known better than to ask people to ‘tell me where to go.’

Gun? Check. Dog? Check. But what else?

Gun? Check. Dog? Check. But what else?

Seriously, though, your ideas have been great (see some below). As I prepare for my wing & shot road trip I’d be interested in your suggestions for things I should bring along. Besides dog, gun, shells, and the other usual “stuff,” is there something you’ve found useful that isn’t on everyone else’s packing list?

Personally, I won’t leave home without my Peet’s boot dryer. Nothing feels better on a frosty morning than slipping into pre-warmed boots. I haul the propane-powered version so even in the back-of-beyond, I’ve got toasty tootsies.

Have you got other ideas? It’s a big truck … plenty of room … help me fill it, with your comments below. And don’t forget Buddy! If you have dog-specific travel tips, share them!


– Scott

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