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We started with this, and went WAY beyond.

Oh boy! The Aliner Expedition arrived today and it is locked and loaded for a bird hunter. Details to come soon, but a quick shout out to Ned Collins and his creative crew at Aliner for such an innovative approach to customizing the rig. Thanks Dan Hyland for delivering and giving us the more-than-fifty-cent tour/orientation. Stand by!

The trailer’s arrival primes the season’s-almost-here pump, for sure. Here, a warm-up at a local preserve kicks off the Awesome Upland Road trip on Oct. 5. From there, chukar opener on the 8th and then off to Illinois for the first TV shoot of the season.

What kicks it off for you? Is it a place, hunting buddy, specific bird species that gets you going? We’re all gear junkies – does that set you off? The planning?

Here, it’s just 20 days and we’re hunting. You?

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Beefy, rugged, manly. Nope, that’s not the opening line for a beer commercial. Better still, it’s a description of the tricked-out off-road, custom-built Aliner Expedition travel trailer that leaves the factory Friday for the journey west where it becomes the official travel trailer of Wingshooting USA.

Aliner president Ned Collins has pulled out all the stops to make this the ideal bird hunting rig: practical touches abound, from a fan in the dog box to off-road tires, rock-repelling diamond plate to exterior shower. Once it’s here, you’ll get the full tour with lots of photos. Until then, here’s another set of the rig “under construction.”

Here's what you'll see when I pass you while exceeding the speed limit. Or vice-versa.

Ventilation fan on exterior dog box entry. Buddy and Manny approve.

The grand entryway ... note the logo on the dog box (right). Will my dogs know that's their entrance after a long, muddy day?

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Scooby sez ... take me too!

Photo from Aliner showing the extensive testing they are putting my new rig through, just to make sure it will be the toughest, most practical bird hunting trailer on (and off) the road. The volunteer test dog is obviously not Buddy or Manny, but he does work cheap!

Please note: No dogs were harmed in the building of this trailer!

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Wingshooting USA’s new official vehicle has one accessory that simply will not fit inside the cab or the bed … it’s our custom Aliner travel trailer. Ned Collins and crew are getting creative with their suggestions for a rig that can go off-road, yet offer all the comforts of home.

Heavy-duty suspension, raised for better clearance, high walls and diamond plate for those pesky rocks kicked up by the truck … the exterior of the Titanium version of Aliner’s Expedition model is shaping up nicely. You’ll see some of their initial ideas on the new custom floor plan, pencil-sketched here:

So, whaddya think? Got some ideas to share? After all, you might just be invited inside to share a toddy if you find us in the field somewhere this season!

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The basic plan - for starters

Aliner is formulating their recommendations for the ultimate bird hunting travel trailer built on their Expedition platform. Storage, functionality, form, and even some simply cool features are being considered but there’s always room for more ideas. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s their suggestion for a basic floor plan, the jumping off  point for all sorts of great capabilities in storage, in-camp entertaining, dog and gear storage, etc. put your pencil to paper and make some creative suggestions!

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