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A fetching foto ... get it?

Well, his first day home was uneventful in terms of interaction with his great-uncle, Buddy. Manny still has a lot of puppy in him, even after two months at breeder-trainer Jeff Funke’s kennel, where we sent him for some attitude adjustment and force-fetch training. [You’ll recall, as soon as Manny got bigger than Buddy, the fighting began, jockeying for top dog position in our pack.]

It’s one day at a time, for sure. But every day without a growl, dagger-stare, or other nefarious intent is a good one.

I’m keeping them physically separate (our rule: a gate, kennel, house door or more between them), but they are often in full view of each other and quite close. Poor Buddy averts his eyes, avoids proximity when possible, but is a trooper about it all. And our Corgi Emmy is thankfully, oblivious to the potential due to her dotage (14-1/2 years old … 101 in dog years).

I’ll keep you posted as Manny assimilates, everyone adjusts, and his training continues. By the way, he’s a hell of a retriever now.

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All in the family


See any similarities to Buddy? “Bijou,” pictured here, is not only mother to the new pup coming to our house, but is Buddy’s half sister, or something like that. With luck, “Manny” will have a nice tight  wiry coat and good facial furnishings … a little on the lighter side both in color and size … and ready to roam the rocky chukar hills! Off to shoot some features for the show, then picking up Three Devils Linden’s Wingman on the way home!

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Manny's dad, Three Devils Speak Thunder, call name Leon

So, just about ready to head for Nampa, Idaho to pick up Buddy’s protege’ and nephew! My magazine column’s readers chimed in on name suggestions and I wanted to thank all of them – and you – for your ideas. Here is the result:

Kennel name: Three Devils

From the “L-3” litter: Linden’s

Best suggestion favored by my wife: Wingman … “Manny” will be his call name.

I’ll keep you posted!

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