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Seatbelts fastened, itinerary finalized and we are good to go! Here’s this year’s Wingshooting USA/Awesome Upland Road Trip. Follow along here – I’ll be filing regular reports from the road once we take off in mid-October. We start in Nebo, Illinois and end near Casper, Wyoming.

Want to join us? Go here and find out how!

Click on any of the pushpins for more information on the trip, and check back for news.

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Okay UPLAND NATION, time to get your hands greasy and your heads into a creative place. Let’s trick this truck.

It’s pretty basic now, but that’s how I like things – at least to start. My wife the painter first puts down a layer of white

Budget? Nah. The world is our oyster, at least for the moment, when it comes to customizing this rig.

gesso on every canvas, then starts splashing on the colors … lots of them. Like her blank canvas, this rig is white. Now the fun begins.

It’s a 2011 Dodge Ram (yes, that thing has a hemi), half-ton chassis, crew cab. Besides your great personalized license plate suggestions, what would you put on, pull behind, stack up, or otherwise do to this truck to make it the ultimate bird hunting rig? Practical, sure. Just plain cool stuff? You bet. What do you wish you’d spec’d out on yours? What have you seen that is now on your wish list?

You make the suggestions. Then I’ll start making the calls. We’ll all see the results next year on Wingshooting USA.

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It's all part of the plan ... photo by Nancy Anisfield/anisfield hunting dog photography

Um, no, it’s not what some call a “cluster.” This is a good example of the hardworking Wingshooting USA crew literally getting all the angles last week at Quail Country Plantation. Dog on point, Lynn Berland (on left) creeps in for a canine closeup.

Meanwhile, Tad Newberry grabs a shot of yours truly (out of frame) getting ready to back Bob (far right) as Terry Wilson of Ugly Dog Hunting Co. handles his wire Scrub.  (By the way, this quail towered like a ringneck then streaked down a lane in the chinaberry trees. I actually hit it with my second shot!) That is truly a rare occasion – you can bet it will make the final cut.

Enjoy the sunshine and bare ground; and yes, I got a sunburn. Watch for it on the show this fall.

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Chase pheasants around Central Washington … learn something from trainer Doug Burnett … and get your off-season bird hunting fix. It’s all ready for you, here.

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THANK YOU! THIS QUICK QUIZ IS NOW CLOSED. Visit this post for the next video clip and quiz … and another prize.

Quick Quiz #1

Does Manny’s search produce a bird? Where’s Uncle Buddy? Watch the short video and you might win a prize if you can answer the UPLAND NATION Quick Quiz … at the end of the clip.  This week’s prize: Blaze Buddy Bandanna. Don’t miss a single frame of great bird hunting and gun dog videos and the chance to win … click on the “Join our FREE mailing list” box, in the upper right corner.

This home movie shot at Ravenwood Lodge, Topeka, KS.

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Packing tomorrow for the second trip of this season. We will hunt California, Oregon, and Idaho for shows you will see next year on Wingshooting USA. A real mixed bag: ringnecks, valley quail, chukars are all on the agenda. More from the road!

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Go here for days and times, then please watch the new episodes we’ve produced for your enjoyment and education. Yep, Tad, Lynn and I are hoping you will learn something as well as get your fix of dogs, birds, stunning scenery and other good stuff. We’re on three networks this fall, including VERSUS and a couple that you can watch “over the air” on one of your local stations’ digital tiers.

Director Tad Newberry orders me around ... again. Yes sir!

From Washington to South Dakota, English pointers to scruffy versatile dogs (including a lot of footage with my own wirehair Buddy), there should be something for everyone.

Let me know what you think!

And thanks to our major sponsors: National Shooting Sports Foundation’s www.wingshootingusa.org; TruckVault, Happy Jack and South Dakota.

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