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Did a shoot for Cabela's on this subject ... boy was it cold!

Did a shoot for Cabela's on this subject ... boy was it cold!

You can take it with you – and should

Better than a credit card, there are a number of things I won’t leave camp without. They ensure I’ll probably survive a night or two in an emergency. Without them, my wife will probably be contacting my life insurance agent post-haste. Not to be too morbid, most will simply make your hunting life easier. Others could literally save your life.

You can bet I’ll carry this on all trips making Wingshooting USA, and any time I’m far enough from the truck that I can’t see it, a small pack containing these things is with me:

–          Water for you and the dog, and a way to purify more. I like a bota: you can share, and there’s little waste when squirting it into the dog’s mouth.

–          Compass, map, and the skills to use them.

–          Fire starters: two methods.

–          Weather protection: space blanket or even a plastic garbage bag in a pinch.

–          A whistle carries farther than a shout for help.

–          Aluminum foil carries water, allows you to cook, and serves as a signal mirror.

–          Multi-tool.

–          Doggie treats. Whether his usual food, or those newfangled energy bars, keep his blood sugar level steady, and keep him hunting hard with a small snack every hour or so.

–          Duct tape bandages wounds, makes emergency dog boots, and repairs all manner of broken stuff.

–          Parachute cord makes a bootlace or dog leash, lashes shelter poles.

–          Bandanna. The big kind you find at western stores made from silk. Sling, bandage, potholder, neck warmer.

Now, go out and find a bird!

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