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This topic came up during a long conversation with a good friend from Louisiana … maybe you’ve been faced with the dilemma … or worse, had it “done” to you!

If you want to discuss on the air, leave a comment and I’ll send you an email to get you on the radio show soon!

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Quick reminder: the deltawaterfowl.org QuickPolls are fun and informative. Go here and take one or more, and leave your comments too. If you want to talk about the subject on my nationally-syndicated radio show, here’s a good way to do it. You might win some great DW stuff, too!

Right now, I’m looking for your best – and worst – stories about hunting and fishing partners and what they’ve brought on trips. What strange, smelly, annoying things have shared your truck, duck blind, or tent? Your vote hasn’t been submitted yet! Make your feelings known, and check back often for new polls.

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Yes, it means more trucks in the parking lot and possibly less time alone in the field. But who’s to carry on the tradition? And what of the resource … if we’re not taking care of it, who will?

Should we be recruiting newcomers to our sports, or keeping it exclusive? Whether kids, spouses, women, or all of the above, how do you feel about sharing the woods and waters, fields and blinds, with “newbies?”

Take the poll, and leave a comment. Maybe we can talk on my radio show – make sure and leave your phone number. I’ll pick a few to take our (very easy) trivia quiz, speak their mind on the air, and someone will take home a Cabela’s $25 gift certificate.

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