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Ow, my aching back! But it’s a good problem to have, when you’ve spent the weekend building a new writing cabin in the backyard. Oh, I had help. Ron, Colleen, and Pasha from EZ Logs USA as well as my lovely wife Karen did the majority of the work. And now, I can testify to the utilitarianism, versatility and downright cool factor of these incredible do it yourself “sport utility buildings.”

Yep, one weekend, and a functional, beautiful man cave-hiding place-art studio-you name it place of your own. And I’m helping them find dealers throughout the U.S. for these great European buildings. Find out more here.

Here is a quick summary of the weekend:

The site, Saturday 9 a.m.

Cinder blocks and foundation boards …

Walls going up – just like Lincoln Logs.

And the roof.

5 p.m. Sunday: Way to go everyone! Thanks.

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