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So, what’s new? A LOT … 

Wingshooting USA captured a “Telly” award last week. It’s sorta the Emmy of cable programming. Edited by Tad Newberry (as they all are), it told the story of a mother-daughter team of English Pointers hunting Hungarian partridge among the coulees and prairies of Central Montana. You can watch it here. It is  Episode # 2. I am especially honored, as the 31st annual Telly Awards attracted more than 13,000 entries. Wingshooting USA was the only upland hunting series honored in the “TV Sports” category, which included entries from Nike, Golf Channel, Warren Miller Entertainment, and Bank of America. 

Sidney starred with her daughter in the award-winning episode of Wingshooting USA


Why the title? Here’s a capsule description: Montana’s big sky country is the setting for big-running Pointers after Hungarian partridge on the prairies. The mother-daughter dog team scales rocky ledges and sweeps through coulees to produce these elusive imports for the guns. The hunt comes full circle in a number of ways: we start and end at a yard of round hay bales … acquaintances become friends by the end of the hunt … and mother dog shows daughter a thing or two about hunting! 


I have just been named a contributing editor at Versatile Hunting Dog magazine … bestowing what little dogology “wisdom” I have … you can be sure each column will be brief. Most of the revelations came from the 150-plus dogs I’ve hunted with on TV … believe me, I couldn’t come up with these ideas without their help! If you’re not a member of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, you should be. Join here. 


Finally, I’ve just signed a design consulting contract with dog gear manufacturer Spindrift … and will be putting in my two cents’ worth on bird-dog equipment based mainly on my pet peeves about bird-dog equipment! Manny and Buddy are already hard at work field testing product #1 … watch this space! And if you have suggestions for better stuff you’d like to see manufactured, let me know!

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