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Do you have a Tri-Tronics Upland G3 collar with beeper? Don’t you love it? The ability to turn the beeper on and off remotely to locate your dog as he streaks across the next canyon is a godsend. But maybe you’ve been as hair-pullingly frustrated as I have getting the dang thing to work right.

What I mean is, you gotta turn the beeper on manually, then before putting the collar on the dog, turn it off again with the handheld remote. And believe me, it’s been a real battle here.

My faith is restored, though. After four unsuccessful attempts, I finally got the right information from Tri-Tronics’ service department and will share it here with you. It’s all in the configuration of the two collar components when you are ready to turn the beeper off with the handheld transmitter. I’ve been holding the collar like this, then hitting the green button on the transmitter:


Doh! In this arrangement, the receiver won’t send it’s signal to the beeper.







Instead, hold it like it would be if the dog were wearing it:

And all is right in the world again.

You’re welcome.

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