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From Wii to diaper-changing, the pressures tugging at your time and energy are myriad. When it comes to fishing and hunting, they multiply exponentially. Simply finding a place to fish or hunt is challenging. Applying for tags, the cost of gear, and that ever-present feeling in the back of your mind that your significant other would rather you fix the leaky faucet also enter into the equation.

Which ones affect your outdoor life? Take the poll and let’s talk on the radio show about it. I’ll be calling some of you (send me an email with your phone number) to discuss on the air soon! Takes just a couple minutes, usually on a Wednesday morning, and one of my guests will get a $25 Cabela’s gift certificate, so join in on the dialogue!

Your comments are also welcome, below and in the poll form itself, so express yourself!

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In some parts of the country, your God-given right to hunt is taken away on the seventh day.  Yes, even in this progressive century there are “blue” laws in some states, counties, even towns. Harkening back to Puritan times, these repressive regulations are praised by some, loathed by others.

Sometimes, you can’t shop on Sunday (yay!). But other times, it’s more serious. Hunting on Sunday is against the law in some places.

Pity the poor schlub who works six days a week. He’s SOL unless he calls in sick during the week. Then again, the local church probably fills a few more pews when parishioners can’t camo up on the day God rested. Are there good reasons to stop nimrods from recreating on the Seventh Day? What do the deer think? Take the poll, make a comment … and email me your phone number so I can call you to share your thoughts on my radio show … 150 stations and almost 200,000 listeners … will hear your opinion! 

We generally call Wednesday mornings around 9:15 a.m. Pacific time and it won’t take but a few minutes. And every week, one caller chosen at random will receive a Cabela’s $25 gift certificate.

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