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Some days, you just don't have such a nice place and have to make do.

Some days, you just don’t have such a nice place and have to make do.

Finding water for the dogs is not easy here on the high desert. Our go-to pond was dry today, with the added insult of ATV tracks defacing the bed. Six miles down the road, earnest anglers offloaded gear with nary a smile as I surrendered that pond to them. They didn’t look like they were going to have much fun, eyeing me warily as I passed.

We skulked away via the gravel track that paralleled an irrigation canal. Wide, slow-moving and deep, it beckoned. If nothing else, a quick dip would cool my dogs as they ran the sandy edges, darting among junipers and sage.

It wasn’t long before Buddy took a halting, tentative step into the clear cool water. A few dog-paddle strokes, and he was done and ready for the truck.

Manny’s pace and distance were more intense. His darker coat soaked up sun, encouraging a water entry worthy of a dock dog. Weightless in the gentle current, he kicked a few uninspired strokes and up the bank he went.

Then, the thought: what was a canal, but a long, skinny pond? The gravel road was an arsenal of swim-inspiring stones. Once in the water, Manny was motivated to swim up- and down-current by intriguing splashes just ahead of him, a bearded Michael Phelps sans Speedo.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

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I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I get to play with my dogs on TV as host and producer of America’s favorite upland bird hunting show, Wingshooting USA.

I play with others’ pups as well, hunting behind dozens each season to make my show, and just for fun. Over the years, I’ve talked with dozens of pro trainers and hundreds of average hunters who train their own dogs. Based on their comments, and my personal experiences, I’ve finally taken the bull by the horns and created a retrieving bumper that works.

Here are two of my reasons for its creation … maybe you’ve had similar experiences:

The chukar streaked from high in the rain-soaked rocks, tumbling at Dave’s shot. Missy’s retrieve was a slow, stumbling zigzag, us calling the whole time because a bird wing had covered her eyes … Yankee’s track was laser-focused, but when he fumbled his pickup of the limp, heavy mallard his hunt test score crashed. My mumbled “good dog” was small consolation to a loyal hunting companion.

The Real Bird Bumper® is the first product in my Signature Line of better gun dog products. I tried to take all the problems we face when training dogs to retrieve, and solved them.

No bumper, dummy, ball, foam body or stuffed toy has all the attributes of a real, dead bird, including a loose, pliant “skin” that encourages dogs to open wide and grip the whole body. It weighs more, is limp like a real bird, “flops,” and floats. There are no extraneous or rigid heads, tails or legs to tempt a dog  to cheat or  “hardmouth.” You can throw it a country mile. The buckle locks down the wing so puppies can’t “cheat” by picking up the wing alone.

If you’ve been frustrated by the other bumpers on the market, watch my video on why I was inspired to invent the Real Bird Bumper.

Journalists, pro trainers and just plain folks have raved about how realistic the Real Bird Bumper® is. Put yourself in your customer’s place: Doesn’t their dog deserve the best training tool to help him become a confident, competent retriever?

Most dogs will need some practice, but that’s the point. If you don’t agree it’s the best retrieving bumper on the market, return it. If you do agree, go here and order one … and support NAVHDA too.  You’re dealing direct with the creator, so you’re assured of personal service and support. Made in the USA: I’m backed by the full resources of Spindrift, a local company with many years of both retail and national manufacturing and distribution experience in the pet market.

Body and wing are made of puppy-proof 1,000 denier Cordura; but it’s not a chew toy! Always supervise use and never leave it in the kennel, although I did – for six months and it’s as good as the day I forgot it!

How long has it been since something really new came on the bird dog market? This product is eye-catching, modern, revolutionary, and simply better than the alternatives.

The Real Bird Bumper® is made right here in Bend, Oregon, to my strict quality standards and is unconditionally guaranteed. If my six-month-old wirehair pup can’t destroy it, nobody can! Yep, it’s the most expensive retrieving training tool on the market at $34.95 but it’s also the best. Dozens of beta-testers agree – it works! Guaranteed for the life of your dog.

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This revelation ultimately led me to develop a “better bumper” to teach retrieving. See if you agree with my hypothesis, then see if my solution here, makes more sense.

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