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Now available in a smaller version than this for pups, though Manny doesn't seem to be having any trouble with the pheasant size!

The reviews are starting to trickle in on the new Real Bird Bumper. It’s gratifying to see that my pet peeves are others’ pet peeves, and that this product finally helps alleviate them.

From noted hunting dog behaviorist Ed Bailey: “I am particularly intrigued with the pheasant dummy.  It is great. The weight is good and the body turgidity is a good simulation of a real bird.  It is a very clever idea.  I am going to use it for retrieve training of my wirehair.”

And from Murphy’s Bird Dog Blog:  “I highly recommend the Real Bird Bumper®. I’ve found that when given a choice, my dogs prefer the Real Bird Bumper® to standard canvas bumpers … it’s held up much better than my standard canvas bumpers, and has become a mainstay in my arsenal of bumpers and I never go training without it.

Get a close look at a Boykin Spaniel and quail-sized Real Bird Bumper in this review.

You can see a video and read his entire review here.

And you can get more information on the why’s and wherefore’s (and purchase) here.

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