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Looks good right there, doesn’t it?

Great news! My the Real Bird Bumper® has been endorsed by well-known dog trainer and seminar leader Ronnie Smith. I’ve become a convert to Ronnie and his cousin Rick’s training philosophy after a seminar at Pheasant Fest. Maybe you are too?  Known for the “Silent Command System” of training seminars and DVDs developed with his cousin Rick, Ronnie said this about my Bumper:

“Realistic training aids help all dogs to be better prepared and more successful in the field. Because of the realistic feel and nature of the Real Bird Bumper®, we incorporate it into our training program at Ronnie Smith Kennels.”

I developed the Real Bird Bumper® to solve his own training problems but soon myself making and giving copies to friends. When a local company opened the door to a design-distribution deal I jumped on it.

It is manufactured in Bend, Ore. of all U.S.-sourced, non-toxic materials. Available in pheasant and quail sizes, it is the same weight, shape, and size as a real bird. The body is limp and floppy like a shot bird with a loose “skin” to simulate a bird’s. It has an articulated wing to familiarize dogs with the challenges of navigation while “blindfolded,” has no extraneous hard plastic parts to poke a dog’s eye or encourage head grabbing, and it floats.

Smith’s endorsement joins that of pro trainer/author George Hickox, “Hunting with Hank’s” Dez Young, NAVHDA founder Ed Bailey, and hundreds of satisfied pro and amateur trainers nationwide. Take a look at it here.

The Smith family has been training fine bird dogs for over 60 years. Ronnie and Rick Smith’s training videos, seminar schedule and other information is available here.

Smith added: “We train for top performance, whether working with field trial prospects, personal hunting, or commercial guide dogs.  “Realistic training aids help all dogs to be better prepared and more successful in the field. Because of the realistic feel and nature of the Real Bird Bumper, we incorporate it into our training program at Ronnie Smith Kennels.”

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As if you needed another reason to get one for yourself and your dog … read what my newest customer has to say:

“The Scott Linden Signature Series “Real Bird Bumper” should be in every dog owner’s tool box.

“This bumper teaches the dog to grip the body fully and not “cigar” or carry the bumper by the end. In the locked-down position it prevents young dogs from developing the habit of dragging by the wing. With the wing in the upright position the Real Bird Bumper simulates real-life retrieving. The Real Bird Bumper floats, is extremely durable, and is a great training aid in developing a professional retrieve on land or in the water.”

– George Hickox

George Hickox conducts training schools for owners and their dogs across North America. The Real Bird Bumper is an integral part of his retrieving training. More information on George’s schools, videos, and seminars at: www.georgehickox.com.

Field-tested, puppy-approved.

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Hope you’ll invest in some gear that will last a lifetime, guaranteed. My Signature Series of dog training and hunting gear has grown again. See the full line here, including a quail-sized Real Bird Bumper, collars, over-the-shoulder leads and more.

Everything is personally designed by me to better solve real training and hunting problems, and be more comfortable for you and your dog than other products on the market.

Made in the U.S.A., too!

Every purchase includes a donation to the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, so dig deep.

And thanks for your business!

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Click here for a link to the video

Piper is Mark R.’s young Boykin Spaniel, a real go-getter from the looks of it. Mark was kind enough to send a video of their “test drive” of my Real Bird Bumper.

Watch it here.

Visit Mark’s blog on raising up Piper here.

More info on the Real Bird Bumper here.

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Now available in a smaller version than this for pups, though Manny doesn't seem to be having any trouble with the pheasant size!

The reviews are starting to trickle in on the new Real Bird Bumper. It’s gratifying to see that my pet peeves are others’ pet peeves, and that this product finally helps alleviate them.

From noted hunting dog behaviorist Ed Bailey: “I am particularly intrigued with the pheasant dummy.  It is great. The weight is good and the body turgidity is a good simulation of a real bird.  It is a very clever idea.  I am going to use it for retrieve training of my wirehair.”

And from Murphy’s Bird Dog Blog:  “I highly recommend the Real Bird Bumper®. I’ve found that when given a choice, my dogs prefer the Real Bird Bumper® to standard canvas bumpers … it’s held up much better than my standard canvas bumpers, and has become a mainstay in my arsenal of bumpers and I never go training without it.

Get a close look at a Boykin Spaniel and quail-sized Real Bird Bumper in this review.

You can see a video and read his entire review here.

And you can get more information on the why’s and wherefore’s (and purchase) here.

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