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Welcome behind the scenes!

There are hundreds of decisions that go into making a good TV show. From the name, to graphics colors, location choices … everything must eventually be clearly defined and set in stone, so to speak. Some are dictated by the networks, others by necessity, some are strategic, and then there’s the fun stuff. This one is definitely in the latter category.

The opening theme sets the tone for the entire episode. It’s gotta sound “organic,” but not corny. High energy, but not head-banging. With luck, it’s a bit of a cue (like that Intel thing) and you sit up and watch when you hear it. Mainly, though, it should be listenable and have a bit of rhythm, conveying the spirit of the sport and the show.

So put on your producer’s blaze orange hat. Time to help pick the official opening title theme song for Wingshooting USA. After listening to dozens of tunes, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple options (the accompanying video is just for giggles – not a final version by any stretch of the imagination). You can help with your comments, and vote in the poll.

Sit back, crank up the volume (give it a minute to download) then help choose the tune you’ll hear every week starting in late September.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Now, take the poll, and leave your comments below.

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