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Awaiting the "Outfitter"

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worthwhile to “pioneer” anything. Sure, it’s not walking the Oregon Trail, but it seems like I’m always doing things for the first time, and suffering the consequences. This new pickup is no exception. TruckVault started from scratch with new blueprints, poring over a vehicle for the right fit, configuration and the guys came through for me. Ditto Gem Top Mfg. of Sandy, Oregon.

The doors, just about completed

Luckily, everyone has risen to the occasion. Rick Frank and his crew took the (new) bull by the horns, broke out the tape measures and sharp pencils, and engineered a canopy that fits perfectly … not just literally. It is built for off-road use by sportsmen … in fact, it’s called the “Outfitter” model. And now, it’s resting comfortably on my truck side rails, covering my TruckVault and dog boxes.


I know it’s going to perform, too. I hit on contacting Gem Top when I was stopped behind a tradesman’s pickup with a similar model. I was struck by it’s rugged good looks and obvious practicality – all steel construction, built to last, and very clean lines. Double doors offer plenty of room for access by dogs and humans, and no hunching over a tailgate to reach stuff in the far end of the truckbed. While helping corral an escaped animal shelter dog, both sheriff’s deputy’s trucks parked next to me also had them. They would know what works and what doesn’t!

More truck-build news to come!


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Got to visit Gem Top’s Sandy, Oregon factory and say hello to my new “Outfitter” canopy. If you love the caps you see on fire battalion chief’s rigs, you’re gonna go ga-ga over this one. Here’s one photo of the canopy, under construction:

All steel, tricked out for off road use. The dogs will be very well cared for.

And yes, that’s a Wingshooting USA Awesome Upland Road Trip tour t-shirt! Check out this great company here.


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