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My first product review is now available for your consideration. If you hate cold feet in the morning, you’ll love this addition to Ultimate Upland Checklist. Go here.

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Some of the stuff on the list

Thanks! In what’s become an annual phenomenon, you worthy citizens of the UPLAND NATION have put in more than your two cents’ worth and added approximately a dozen new items to my “Ultimate Upland Checklist.”

Among others, the list now includes instruction manuals for all the electronic gear sportsmen carry, surgical adhesive, and stout bootlaces to release a dog from a conibear trap. The list is now approaching 200 “must have” items.

The entire list is available as a free download as a public service of show sponsors National Shooting Sports Foundation, TruckVault, and Happy Jack. Go here and print one out!

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While I’m giving speeches in Denver, you’re already counting the days to next waterfowl season (actually, so am I). My friend Tori McCormick at Delta Waterfowl has lived, and learned, from his and others’ mistakes when it comes to what to bring. I had him on my radio show recently, and he had some good advice, whether we chase snows, mallards or ringnecks. Listen in on the conversation, below. Just click on his name and it’ll play – I hope! [Give it a minute to download while you get another cup of coffee.]

Tori McCormick

And just so you uplanders don’t feel left out, a little eye candy from a recent trip of mine:

Chukars in SE Oregon

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