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Hard-earned birds. Good boy Buddy!

Hard-earned birds. Good boy Buddy!

Wild birds? Yah, we got ’em. The newest show in our archives was shot at Flying Double F Ranch near Vale, Ore.  If you love burning boot leather and shooting while huffing and puffing, go here and enjoy!

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As usual, the anti-hunters were in evidence at the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Commission’s meeting yesterday. While declining the multiple invitations to participate in the rule-making process, where they could make their case and provide input, they threw logic and science to the wind and decided to try to torpedo the process at the last minute with made-up pseudo-science instead.

In three minutes of testimony each, they tried to counter our committee’s more than 2,200 collective hours of meetings, study of scientific evidence, research, and anecdotal evidence from hundreds of experts, lay persons and scientists.

It blew up in their faces. Commissioners saw through the smokescreen created by Bob Sallinger of Audobon and Jane Hartline of the Sauvie Island Conservancy, and we are now free to train.

In a matter of weeks, you will be able to train your dog using pen-raised chukars, pheasants, etc. You will also be able to “pursue” them for much of the fall and winter while training. Both were illegal in most cases until now. Yes, there are some procedural requirements (free permit obtainable online, among others) but the fact remains, you are now going to be “legal” where you probably weren’t before.

Whoever said politics are like sausage, was right. If you like it, don’t watch it being made. There is no shame when it comes to manipulating the system, there is no loyalty to the truth when your ox is being gored.

Read the whole law, adopted this morning, right here. Then, I’ll see you in the field.

7-DRAFT OARs -Div 43-46-50- Dog and Raptor Trng-Attachment 4 Final after after Commission edits 06 02 2011

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Packing tomorrow for the second trip of this season. We will hunt California, Oregon, and Idaho for shows you will see next year on Wingshooting USA. A real mixed bag: ringnecks, valley quail, chukars are all on the agenda. More from the road!

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