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The newest episode of Wingshooting USA is now online! Click here to watch: https://scottlindenoutdoors.com/wingshootingusa/watch-the-show/

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Yep, we gather the crew and head for Idaho tomorrow, the first stop on our itinerary. We’ll be recording hunts for next season’s programs in Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota on this leg of the Road Trip. In October, we head south and east, and if all comes together in February we will hunt in Georgia.

Watch for the rig, stop and say hello

You know that feeling: anticipation, wondering if you packed everything, how the dogs will do, if camera operator Lynn Berland’s plane will land on time. Maybe not that last one, but that’s the lot of TV producers.

Anyway, I’ll try to file reports here regularly so you can get a sneak preview of next year’s programs as they are made. Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch the new season on satellite, cable, and over the air. Go here for more information.

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