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Can your dog make you a better shooter? I think so, and will tell you how if you’re going to Omaha for this year’s

Now what? We'll cover that at Pheasant Fest.

Pheasant Fest, Jan. 28-30 at the Qwest Center. And once you’ve shot that ringneck and your dog has delivered it to hand, what does he want in the way of praise? Buddy’s showed me that, too.

Thanks to sponsors TruckVault, Happy Jack, Filson, and Native performance dog food, I can share with you: stuff my dog’s taught me, tips from the experts I’ve hunted with on the show, fun, games and a box full of prizes. They’re all part of my Bird Hunting Boot Camp seminars – ten of them – on two different stages at Pheasant Fest. Go here for more details, then come say hello … you never know, you might win a Cabela’s gift certificate or free bag of Native performance dog food.

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Awwww. And it might win cash and prizes for YOU.

Three great contests mean big chances at great prizes for you right NOW on Wingshooting USA. Now’s the time to enter to win, and maybe see yourself, your kid, or your dog on Wingshooting USA next fall! 

All you have to do is go to our sponsors’ websites! Of course, watching the show will be fun and educational, too, so watch on VERSUS, Fridays, 9:30 a.m. Eastern time or over the air on AMG-TV and TUFF-TV.

Please tell your friends, club members and other bird-hunting and dog-loving folks you know. Do it today, and maybe I’ll be calling you to book that hunting trip, send you a check, or ship you a TriTronics collar!

“Take YOUR kid hunting.” Imagine taking your son or daughter to Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge in South Dakota … all expenses paid … and you’ll be on Wingshooting USA next season, too! Exciting pheasant hunting and luxurious lodging in the first Beretta “Trident” recipient lodge. Four runners-up will get $500 hunts at nearby hunting preserves. Go here to enter.

TriTronics will be awarding 39 Sport Jr. e-collars for photos of kids with dogs. It’s part of their effort to encourage more kids to hunt.  The contest is called “Young Hunters Afield.” It celebrates kids and dogs and could win you some great stuff. Send your entries here.  

Native performance dog food will be supporting Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters with cash … moolah … samolians … dough … cha-ching! Send photos and note your chapter name so you can help Native help them in their “Conservation Showcase.” Some individual members will win great Native prizes, too. Go to this web page for entry details and maybe we’ll see you on TV!

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Congratulations to everyone who voted in our Wingshooting USA/Native “Breed Showcase” balloting! Over 12,000 of you logged in to choose a favorite bird dog breed and win a TON of Native food for that breed’s rescue club. After a number of lead changes throughout the broadcast season, the Brittany brigade ultimately triumphed.

But in a generous move, both the American Brittany Rescue and National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network will not only share their ton of food, but have awarded 400 lbs. of Native dog food to the second-place breed, Weimaraner and their rescue club!

What a community! Isn’t this what dog people are all about? I am honored and pleased to have promoted such a great effort on everyone’s part.  Thank you all!

See all the results here.

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Scott & Buddy shooting the "Buddy & Me" segment for the new TV show

Shooting the "Buddy & Me" segment for the new TV show

[Before you read on, help out your favorite cause by voting NOW at these sites:

www.wingshootingusa.org … Take one of your kids hunting on the show next season. Click on the “Win a Shot on the Show” icon.

www.blackswingandclay.com … Cash for your conservation group, Cabela’s gear for you! Click on the “Hot Dog” icon.

www.nativedogfood.com … a TON of food for hunting dog rescue club. Click on the “”Win a Ton” icon in the upper left corner.]

Now, where were we?

The chance to support conservation groups, hunting dogs and youth are part of the new “Wingshooting USA” television series, which debuted Wed. Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. and Thursday 9:30 p.m. (East) on In Country TV (Dish Network Channel 230). The program launches on Sportsman Channel (DirecTV Channel 605) Saturday Oct. 3 at 11 p.m. (East).

Here are early online comments as the first broadcast aired …

Think you have a winner on your hands Scott- impressive- focus was on the dogs and not the advertising – Shadow

I liked it and will be watching it in the future – Big Dave

Watching it now. So far it looks great !! Sadie_Marie

Producer/host Scott Linden surveyed hundreds of bird hunters and hunting dog owners to create what he calls “a good show that does good.” Highly educational and interactive, the program, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, offers viewers multiple chances to vote a la’ “American Idol” on everything from favorite dog breeds to a “most valuable dog” in each episode. They can also enter to “win a shot on the show” for a viewer and child at NSSF’s website, www.wingshootingusa.org.  Also featured is Linden’s popular “Buddy & Me” training feature, where he learns as much as his dog does.

Highest vote-getters mean cash awards for one conservation group, a ton of Native performance dog food for breed rescue clubs, and merchandise prizes for viewers. A list of over two dozen beneficiary groups includes: American Kennel Club, North American Grouse Partnership, SCI’s American Wilderness Leadership School, Pheasants Forever and breed rescue groups for virtually every hunting dog, among others.

Visit our sponsors:

www.wingshootingusa.org                      www.happyjack.com

www.espamerica.com                               www.cabelas.com

www.nativedogfood.com                        www.tritronics.com

www.rossyoung.com                                www.travelsd.com

www.blackswingandclay.com               www.ravenwoodlodge.com



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A screen shot you'll likely see on the air this season

A screen grab from HD footage you'll likely see on the air this season

Sure, there’s the glamour of airline food, missed connections, lost (expensive, camera) luggage and ever-present doggie breath on the set. Don’t forget the surly airline personnel, rain, cold, gale-force wind, and a spate of bad shooting.  Just kidding!

I’m going over all the raw footage from last year’s hunts, the first step in lining out episodes and writing the voiceover for the new show. And boy, how it can drag when you’re not actually out there doing it. But that’s why we get the “big bucks” (hah!), because we take all those ingredients, add a little seasoning, stir, simmer, and create entertaining, educational, informational, motivational wingshooting programs.

Most of you know it takes hours of hunting to get minutes of good television, and I’m being reminded of it – big time – right now. We don’t have a real one anymore, but there is a big digital “cutting room floor” here, fast becoming cluttered with reject footage. But there’s also the flip side: reliving good times with friends new and old, great dogs, beautiful places, and some adrenaline rushes that ought to be bottled and sold in dark alleys for big dollars.

What’s on the screen now:A South Dakota grasslands hunt with shorthairs, coping with high winds and running ringnecks. If you’ve been there and done that, you know how tough it’s going to be to make a show out of dark skies, sketchy points and wild-flying birds. There is hope, though, as later in the day we salvage it with a new strategy (more later) and additional personnel including South Dakota’s governor and my friend, Mike Rounds.

On a positive commercial note, two new sponsors will help bring you the show, TriTronics (the collar guys) and ESP (hearing protection). It may sound trite, but it’s also true. Without sponsors nobody would be on the air, so get off your high horse if you’ve mounted up and are looking down your nose at the rest of us. I’m grateful to these folks as well as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Native performance dog food, Black’s directories and artist Ross Young. So, spend some money with them when you have a need!

End of commercial. It’s back to raw footage … as duty calls!

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