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And then, there was thawing out in Alabama at Dream Ranch.

And then, there was thawing out in Alabama at Dream Ranch.

It’s all over but the shouting. If one shouts at the end of bird season, that is.

Several thousand road miles, a lot of new friends, some new country and a ton of birds … tired dogs and a bunch of oil changes in unfamiliar towns. Every day was an adventure and gratifying in its own way (after all, it was hunting). While you’re reading about some of my peak experiences, re-live your own.

A pair of doubles on Huns in Montana with 6X Outfitters’ Al Gadoury. The dynamic is markedly different when you hunt without TV cameras. Both good, but different. Considering how I shot, I kinda wish there was a crew there.

Passing on the only ringneck anyone saw on opening day at a nearby wildlife refuge because I mis-read the regulations. Aaagh!

Hunting generally northward while a stranger hunted generally southward – toward me. When it turned out to be a training/hunting buddy, all was well in the world … again.

Hunting what can only be described as an American Serengeti at South Dakota’s Warne Ranches. Waves of birds rising from the grass, and on camera!

A chance – after 25 years – to share a field with my dogs’ veterinarian, and have both Manny and Buddy make epic retrieves across fields and raging creeks.

The coldest night I’ve ever spent in chukar country, minus 12 degrees. Warm enough during the day to enjoy, along with bighorns and a great friend. And the realization that for 72 hours we hadn’t heard a train, plane, truck or other hunter.

Horseback hunting with some great kids and their mom, out west for the first time. The wonder of the wide open spaces was clear on their faces. Introducing them to our sport was incredible.

Anyway, you get the idea. Now, what about yours?

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The leaves are on the ground … the most wonderful time of the year.

Ringnecks, prairie chickens and sharptails … even one sage grouse … flushed from the roadside gravel as my truck and Aliner trailer rumbled down the highway from Lewistown toward my ultimate destination. From the photo, it’s pretty easy to determine my route but can you figure out where I’ll park the Aliner tonight?

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Somewhere in Montana …

After a long day in Post Falls, including giving back some of Cabela’s sponsorship dollars at their store, Manny, Buddy and I headed east. Skirting Lake Couer d’Alene, we continued on Interstate 90 until well past dark – racing to a date with 6X Outfitters’ Al Gadoury and some Montana ringnecks.

It was a civilized “Kamp,” as you can see. Can you guess where the Aliner is tonight?

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NEAR HILGER, MONTANA: Even rotating dogs every hour, we were concerned. Temperatures hovered near 90 degrees by 2 p.m., and we were burning through the water (pardon the pun). Most, of course, was going into and onto the dogs.

We were making one of next season’s episodes for Wingshooting USA, and my first sage grouse hunt began auspiciously, sighting a small flock as it fled our trucks. Whatever you’ve heard about them, know that they love to run, fly, run, fly, then repeat. The best news? Most flights were a few hundred yards and we could mark them for another stalk.

Here’s a sampling of – truly – “Big Sky” country … from our sky cam, and my audio field report, too:

Al Gadoury’s English Setters had seen it all before, maintaining their distance and approaching scent cones with delicate steps. Up a draw carpeted by snowberry, one dog locked up and we approached as cautiously as she had. One (more…)

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This video doesn’t exist
I am the luckiest guy in the world. Great wife, good friends and I live in a spectacular place. Oh, and I make TV shows about bird hunting and gun dogs.

Right now, I’m in the midst of watching all the raw footage we shot last year, to air in this fall’s new shows. Yes, it’s tedious … lots of walking, scenic shots, re-takes, muffed lines and misbehaving dogs (and hosts). But every few minutes there’s something that reminds me why we go afield. It’s the new friends we share a hunt with. Or dogs with true personality. Sometimes it’s a nugget of useful information on training, birds, or shooting.

Here’s a raw, uncut, example from a Hungarian partridge hunt near Hardin, Montana, with my friends at Eagle Nest Lodge. So as not to bore you, most of this footage will end up on the digital cutting room floor, but the good stuff will be on an upcoming show. I hope you like it.

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