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He even remembers to stand still once in a while!

He even remembers to stand still once in a while!

Besides being able to actually walk again, one of the most gratifying observations I’ve made since being kicked out of the hospital is Buddy’s retention of skills. We were working pretty hard on the upcoming NAVHDA Utility test, then boom, into the emergency room and all bets were off.

Since becoming mobile again, I’ve gradually tested Buddy’s memory as well as my own. The good news is, he’s pretty much in the same place where we left things before my impromptu trip to the hospital. I’ve written before on the subject of leaving things lie for a bit when they weren’t going your way, and shouldn’t be surprised. But I always am. This time pleasantly.

Hope you don’t have to go through what I did to arrive at that revelation.

Next leg of the Awesome Upland Road Trip starts soon: I’mĀ enroute to South Dakota in a couple weeks. If you’re near Pierre, watch for the rig, stopĀ and say hello. You might win a pair of Irish Setter boots and jacket. Thanks to co-sponsor Tri-Tronics … love that new Sport Upland G3!


PS: What? You don’t know how to win those Irish Setter boots and jacket? Just tell me in the comments section where you’d wear them this season. I pick a winner at random, you don’t have to be a great writer or anything, just drop me a line, below. What have you got to lose?

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