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Don’t hold back.  Tell me how you really feel.

About wingshooting and hunting dog TV shows, that is. What really, really, makes you mad about the current fare? Anything you wish a producer would include, that isn’t? Places that should be featured? What do you want more of, or less? What trips your trigger, or is a pet peeve when you’re watching those other shows?

Go ahead, tell me what you want.

Go ahead, tell me what you want.

Here’s your chance. I’m putting the finishing touches on my next TV series and it’s as good as YOURS. That is, help me make it the best wingshooting and bird dog series … ever. I can’t promise to list you all in the credits, but you’ll watch knowing you had a hand in the creation of the show.

Go ahead. Spill. Right … down … there, in the comments section. Or in the poll, above. Or both.

And thanks.

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