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I am the luckiest guy in the world. Great wife, good friends and I live in a spectacular place. Oh, and I make TV shows about bird hunting and gun dogs.

Right now, I’m in the midst of watching all the raw footage we shot last year, to air in this fall’s new shows. Yes, it’s tedious … lots of walking, scenic shots, re-takes, muffed lines and misbehaving dogs (and hosts). But every few minutes there’s something that reminds me why we go afield. It’s the new friends we share a hunt with. Or dogs with true personality. Sometimes it’s a nugget of useful information on training, birds, or shooting.

Here’s a raw, uncut, example from a Hungarian partridge hunt near Hardin, Montana, with my friends at Eagle Nest Lodge. So as not to bore you, most of this footage will end up on the digital cutting room floor, but the good stuff will be on an upcoming show. I hope you like it.

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