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Alright everyone, here is the lineup for this season. Dates in the left column are broadcast weeks … find network info/air times here. For over-the-air networks, please check local listings for actual air times/days.

Air date                        Episode title                                Description

Sept 27       Lawyer Creek Pheasants Thick cover challenge Scott and his host, and hard-working dogs weave between the trees in a valley once inhabited by Nez Perce Indians. Destination: ringneck!
 Oct 4       Old Friends Scott’s host gathers coffee buddies and high school chums for a traditional South Dakota block-and-drive hunt with a twist or two. The wet fall creates unique challenges for dogs and gunners.
Oct 11       Laid-back longtails Door-knocking and visiting nearby friends results in some hard-won pheasant hunting among the sunflowers and prairies of North Dakota.
 Oct 18       Best friends Scott returns to a favorite Kansas hunting spot to join Ken Corbet in pursuit of bobwhite quail. Ken brings out some rare guns and shoots them like a pro!
Oct 25       Duke’s debut A young shorthair fresh from Nebraska becomes a hunter in this uplifting story of potential realized, redemption and the beauty of Montana’s uplands.
Nov 1       Open mind, insert wisdom Scott and Buddy both learn from a master trainer, once they shut up and listen! Doug Burnet teaches with every step, every whistle blast and on every bird on this Central Washington hunt.
Nov 8       Good Dog! A young Labrador joins Buddy to course the Montana uplands for sharptailed grouse … challenging quarry in the best of times, a grueling hunt when the temperature pushes 80 degrees.
Nov 15       Mission Creek redemption Scott’s wirehair Buddy is not on his “A” game, but a couple English pointers come to the rescue. Ringnecks galore populate the Ravenwood home place, in the family since the Civil War.
Nov 22       Sage Safari A Serengeti-style hunting camp is perched on the edge of a prairie teeming with wildlife … including pheasants and sharptails. It’s big country and Buddy is up for the challenge, including a 1/2-mile track that ends in an equally long retrieve!
  Nov 29       South Dakota Classic Aberdeen, South Dakota is the setting for a hunt that starts soaking wet but ends in plenty of ringnecks and camaraderie among strangers brought together to raise funds for diabetic kids.
Dec 6       Big sage, big birds America’s most elusive bird, the sage grouse, is the object of a hot, dry, desert hunt in Montana. A few tricks by guide Al Gadoury save the day.
Dec 13       Win some, lose some Pungent bird scent and linear coverts are a puzzle for Buddy, so Scott chooses discretion as the better part of valor and puts him up, relying instead on a local Wirehaired Pointing Griffon to produce ringnecks.
Dec 20       Chasin’ chukars Central Washington’s most famous game bird is the quarry and a gang of dogs is used to find and fly them from the desert floor.

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