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E-collar, check. Dog, check. The rest is up to you. It will be worth your while!

Can you improve the Ultimate Upland Checklist version 2.0? Do you want to win great stuff, including a TriTronics Sport Jr. collar? 

Have you got some cool ideas for stuff you take that we should too? An improvement on gear that should be in everyone’s vest? Go here, and get the details, and get ready to win!

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An interesting inquiry I received recently … 

Hello Again Scott, 

I wish to ask you a question.  My wife and I seem to have differed in a matter of Dog training.    The matter pertains to the usage of an E-collar.  She feel that usage of the E-collar should not begin until the puppy has reached the age of 6 months.  (i.e. the vet feels it may be to heavy and add undo stress to the young dogs neck.  Myself I agree with the trainers of Native Dog Food.  Please hear me out.  They do not specify a usage time or date from a puppies birth date.  They do however recommend a puppies training begin at a young age.  12 to 14 weeks for a bird dog.  Also it should be 

At what age does amperage become appropriate?

used for the reinforcement of positive behavior.   So I lean towards the introduction of the E-collar around the same time.  Do you have an opinion?  We decided to go with your choice of E-collar.  And understandably so after a small amount of research we knew you were leading us to a quality product.  Now when would you begin using the E-collar in a puppies training regiment.  Do you mind letting us know?
Thank you my friend
~*~`Jerry` &` Chris ~*~ 

And my response … 

Thanks for your question. First, know that I am NOT a trainer … just a guy who loves dogs and carefully observes what makes them tick, and hopefully learns some more! My feelings on the question:
Stay away from e-collars for many, many months … the physical toll on a pup’s neck is a good reason . Also, I agree training starts the day you bring pup home … whether you know it or not, formal or otherwise. That’s a good thing. But no puppy will have a clear understanding of commands at a young age, thus can’t be corrected with an e-collar. The idea of the collar is to reinforce commands a dog already understands well.
The better puppy training tools in my humble opinion, are: praise in all its forms dispensed liberally, reasonable expectations about what a very young animal can learn and how fast, an enclosed yard, leash and check cord, and judicious use of repetition. Most professionals would probably recommend NO e-collar for many months if not longer!
A couple axioms from those smarter than me:
Never give a command you can’t enforce.
Never give your dog an opportunity to do things the wrong way. Don’t set up your dog for failure.
Good luck. 


How about you readers? Comments?

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Watch. Learn. Be disgusted. Then share your story in the comments section and you might win a $25 Cabela’s gift certificate.

[And take the Delta Waterfowl QuickPoll here to win great DW prizes.]

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If you were the emperor of the universe, you’d … re-design that stinkin’ leash!

Judging from the continued traffic on my post about dog boots, it’s clear there is a lot of frustration with the gear we subject our dogs to. When discussion centers on a “good” pair of boots being good because they last two days, you know there is plenty of room for improvement.

But what are your biggest peeves? Is it a collar that just won’t fit Rover? Or a leash that requires your dog to help when you clip it on him? Maybe you wish (like me) for a gizmo that will tame your whistle lanyard.

I’m on my way to the SHOT Show, where all the newest gear is premiered for those in the shooting and hunting trade … including, I hope, some new doggy stuff. While I’m away, here’s your chance to vent, or make suggestions. Someone out there might actually build a better mousetrap!

On the other paw, maybe there’s something you really, really like and feel we should know about. Here’s your chance – make a comment! And if someone does know about a three-day dog boot, tell the rest of us, please. And if you check “other” on the poll, please tell us what you want or need in the comments section! Thanks.

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I remember asking Patrick McManus how many shotguns are enough. He said “one more.” It’s a good rule to live by, (or buy, if you’ll pardon the pun). But with the economy in suspended animation, you’re probably changing your habits a bit.

I doubt anything will keep you from hunting, but it might affect your spending plans for the next couple seasons. So, what do you really, really, need … what will get your hard-earned dollars in the next couple seasons?

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