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Take the survey!

If you were on the receiving end of a recent survey, thanks for responding. (If you did NOT, and want to have some fun voting for your favorite dog breed for example, go here.) Your feedback helps make Wingshooting USA a better TV show, and even though it’s preliminary, the data provides some fascinating insights into the Upland Nation. For instance:

– So far, shorthairs and Labs are running neck-and-neck in the most popular dog breed question … about 20% each.

– 47% of us call pheasants our favorite quarry … quail are second at 22%.

– New boots, tires, and shotguns are on the shopping list for this season … at least 40% of us hope to get permission to buy each of these.

– 47% of us own more than one hunting dog … that’s a lot of feed!

Please follow the link and take the survey – you get to choose your own prize should your name be drawn at random – and I’ll keep you posted on final results.

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What shotgun brand leads in sales? Has your access to hunting land been curtailed? How dos this impact our industry, conservation, and the future of the sport?

Knowledge is power. Here’s a little for you to think about. Thanks to our major sponsor the National Shooting Sports Foundation, we have some of the answers. Take a look: 0511Survey_Tracker

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This topic came up during a long conversation with a good friend from Louisiana … maybe you’ve been faced with the dilemma … or worse, had it “done” to you!

If you want to discuss on the air, leave a comment and I’ll send you an email to get you on the radio show soon!

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I remember asking Patrick McManus how many shotguns are enough. He said “one more.” It’s a good rule to live by, (or buy, if you’ll pardon the pun). But with the economy in suspended animation, you’re probably changing your habits a bit.

I doubt anything will keep you from hunting, but it might affect your spending plans for the next couple seasons. So, what do you really, really, need … what will get your hard-earned dollars in the next couple seasons?

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If  you’re an upland hunting lodge operator or outfitter, please visit this page. It’s our first survey of hunters and the results may well surprise you. As you plan your marketing for the coming seasons, the information you find there may be of value. At least I hope so!

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