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Safer, and legaler, but how necessary in some circumstances?

Thanks, and alright already! Seen and noted – your emphatic insistence that I wear more blaze orange on the TV show. For the record, the first season had virtually none. ThisĀ  second season, more. And believe me, the stuff we shot this fall will reek with the color despite my director Tad Newberry’s tantrums.

Why I wear more now: Trying to be a good example. It’s required in some states, some times and I need to “stay legal.” I DO sometimes worry about my safety – and my dog’s, especially in a crowd.

Why I didn’t: Wreaks havoc with high definition cameras. I plumb forgot. Clashes with my Gucci loafers.

Which begs these questions:

1. When you’re hunting alone, or with a small group of trusted friends, and are really, really careful and have confidence in your fellow hunters … is blaze orange really necessary?

2. How much is enough? Some states require a minimum number of square inches. Oregon just made a cap and “upper garment,” I believe, required for kids under age 18.

What say you?

PS: if you’re really, really concerned about safety – your dog’s or your own – get a couple Blaze Buddy Bandannas here, and benefit the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, too.

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