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Scott & Buddy shooting the "Buddy & Me" segment for the new TV show

Shooting the "Buddy & Me" segment for the new TV show

[Before you read on, help out your favorite cause by voting NOW at these sites:

www.wingshootingusa.org … Take one of your kids hunting on the show next season. Click on the “Win a Shot on the Show” icon.

www.blackswingandclay.com … Cash for your conservation group, Cabela’s gear for you! Click on the “Hot Dog” icon.

www.nativedogfood.com … a TON of food for hunting dog rescue club. Click on the “”Win a Ton” icon in the upper left corner.]

Now, where were we?

The chance to support conservation groups, hunting dogs and youth are part of the new “Wingshooting USA” television series, which debuted Wed. Sept. 30 at 7:30 p.m. and Thursday 9:30 p.m. (East) on In Country TV (Dish Network Channel 230). The program launches on Sportsman Channel (DirecTV Channel 605) Saturday Oct. 3 at 11 p.m. (East).

Here are early online comments as the first broadcast aired …

Think you have a winner on your hands Scott- impressive- focus was on the dogs and not the advertising – Shadow

I liked it and will be watching it in the future – Big Dave

Watching it now. So far it looks great !! Sadie_Marie

Producer/host Scott Linden surveyed hundreds of bird hunters and hunting dog owners to create what he calls “a good show that does good.” Highly educational and interactive, the program, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, offers viewers multiple chances to vote a la’ “American Idol” on everything from favorite dog breeds to a “most valuable dog” in each episode. They can also enter to “win a shot on the show” for a viewer and child at NSSF’s website, www.wingshootingusa.org.  Also featured is Linden’s popular “Buddy & Me” training feature, where he learns as much as his dog does.

Highest vote-getters mean cash awards for one conservation group, a ton of Native performance dog food for breed rescue clubs, and merchandise prizes for viewers. A list of over two dozen beneficiary groups includes: American Kennel Club, North American Grouse Partnership, SCI’s American Wilderness Leadership School, Pheasants Forever and breed rescue groups for virtually every hunting dog, among others.

Visit our sponsors:

www.wingshootingusa.org                      www.happyjack.com

www.espamerica.com                               www.cabelas.com

www.nativedogfood.com                        www.tritronics.com

www.rossyoung.com                                www.travelsd.com

www.blackswingandclay.com               www.ravenwoodlodge.com



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