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Okay, admit it. You’re here because you want to win free gear. And, read great literature about the subjects we hold close to our hearts (along with spouse, kids, God & country, right?).

So, how about another way to get your mitts on some great swag? Be a contestant in the new “Great Outdoor Game Show” quiz on my Field & Stream Radio show. You don’t have to be Aldo Leopold to win … the questions are all about having fun, not torturing what few remaining brain cells we have. Just pick an outdoor topic from my list, answer a couple questions, and POOF! we’re sending you a boxful of booty, from multi-tools to books, to whatever else we have in the prize closet.

We’ll tape this part of the show, so even if you sneeze, drop the phone, or I laugh too loud at your answer, we can re-tape so nobody knows how good or bad you did until we get a good take. Taping takes place Wednesday mornings, Pacific time.

If you want to play, just drop me a line at scottlindenoutdoors (insert the “at” symbol) gmail.com. Give us a name and phone number, and one of us in the office will be back to you as we get openings in the schedule.


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