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The beeper did it's job stupendously

The beeper did it

Just couldn’t wait to share this with you …

The location of this leg of the Awesome Upland Road Trip will be revealed in a later post, but this piece of dog work was too good to hold. We were walking the old road below this bush, when Buddy’s beeper screamed.¬† A short debate later, yours truly was elected to climb/trudge/crawl up the slope to roust the bird.

In the time it took to get there, Buddy’s re-establishing points followed the cardinal points of the compass, as the bird zigged and zagged in the bush looking for an escape route. He locked that bird in tight, and no amount of sticks lobbed into the bush would roust him.

I finally turned off the Tri-Tronics beeper’s hawk scream¬†and stood still. The silence was deafening, until the roar of ringneck wings broke it. Bang.

Until I tell you where this took place, tell me where you’d wear a new pair of Irish Setter boots and jacket and you might win them! Right here. Below. Now. Don’t wait.

– Scott

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