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Minor victory: Manny was steady on flushing pigeons without his half-hitch … two successful go-rounds, and we’re all in for the night (why tempt fate?). One step forward, without a step back. I’ll take it. Buddy, of course, was like a rock. Thanks, good boy.

Next: add the blank pistol (probably after a few backslides).


Got a second GPS collar from Garmin, so dusted off the other one and started using them. I’ve finally figured out most of it – I think. Some initial observations:

– Manny runs faster and farther than Buddy … double his average speed and total mileage. I guess age is finally creeping up on my furry friend.

– Like a mobile phone, you’ve got to be careful not to become one with the phone and miss out on why you are out there. Numbers and maps are fun, but really, you’re there to hunt. And watch out for boulders.

– While I miss the security of “stimulation,” and especially the tone and locator features, having some quiet time on the grasslands knowing I can still locate my dogs is quite satisfying.


Got an interesting email from a friend, lamenting the difficulty of finding training partners, even among our club members. Maybe you can relate. Few choose to go to theĀ  higher testing levels, few of them live nearby, few of those have schedules that match. See where I’m going?

I’m going to train with Jim, if he’ll have me. And with luck, I’ll be a help rather than hindrance. So how do you find training buddies whose schedule, goals and personalities match?

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