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The desired result.

Okay, I guess technically it’s not related to the NAVHDA Utility Test, but a dog that will jump into and out of a truck bed or similar objective can be a godsend. Now that he’s over two years old and his growth plates are fully formed, let the games begin.

While we are on the road and appearing at the Game Fair in Minnesota, one of my goals has been to get Manny to do the work I’ve been doing for two long years: launch himself into – and out of – the back seat and truck bed where his crate usually resides. At the Fair, he spends considerable time hobnobbing with the crowd from the crate in our Aliner pop-up travel trailer, so that’s also on the agenda.

An interesting sidebar to any “collarwise” discussion has been the key. On the road, I often leave electric collars and their transmitters in the side pockets of my truck doors. While putting away his e-collar in that storage compartment, I commanded Manny into the cab. He launched, and was licking my face (from face level) in an instant. Later, holding the transmitter at the door, he glanced at it, and teleported himself into the seat on command.

After a few days of travel and practice (I may be a slow learner, but I do learn) Manny is now in the seat about 70% of the time on the first command. His crate is in the back of a lifted 4WD pickup, raised higher by my TruckVault so it may as well be the Eiffel Tower to a young dog. But he’s also learning that a bumper is as good as an elevator when I use the same methods.

Cleaner clothes, no back injuries, no ramp to pack, and it looks cool too.

Have you “taught” jumping into things? How? This isn’t the easiest way, and probably not the right way, so help me finish the job correctly!

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It’s that time of year! My new “What the Dogs Taught Me” seminar hits the road, and you’re invited. Several variations and a diverse set of locations should make it easy for you and your friends to join me somewhere and learn more about your dog, while improving your hunting skills.

In addition, you'll get behind-the-camera stories - at least the clean ones!

The new seminar is based on the book I’m writing for Skyhorse Publishing, so you’ll be getting a sneak preview. Hunting with over 200 dogs while hosting and producing Wingshooting USA, I’ve learned a thing or three and hope to share them with you. And while newcomers will benefit most, even upland veterans will have their “a-ha” moments discovering helpful hints that make their days afield more productive. The seminar and book can best be described as a ‘201-level’ handbook for bird hunters with dogs.

I’ve learned so much simply by observing dogs. Not necessarily about training them, in fact just the opposite. The seminar and book will be like hunting with an experienced friend, observing his and his dog’s habits, the nuances and myriad little things that subconsciously become part of an uplander’s repertoire.

This year, I’m offering a two-day in-field version of the seminar. Visit the lodge, listen to me during meals, and we’re out in the field applying those lessons throughout the day. I’ll visit with every hunter individually in the field and offer individualized coaching and suggestions.

I fully expect to learn as much from you and your dogs, as you do from me and mine! Here’s the schedule so far:

June 22-24 Gun Dog Expo, Holiday Inn Portland Airport – Columbia Conference Center, Portland Oregon. (This is the one-hour version of the seminar.) I’ll set up “chukar camp” in the show – stop by and play a game, win a prize. More information.

Saturday, July 28, Filson retail store, Portland Oregon. Starts 11 a.m. and runs to 1 p.m. Limited space – make your reservations now: rsvp@filson.com and tell us how many friends you’ll be bringing. (This is always a good time – new merchandise will be unveiled at the event, and we always have a drawing for great gear.)

August 10-12 and August 17-19: Game Fair, Anoka Minn. My first visit to this incredible event! Stop by my “chukar camp” and try some of the new gear I’ve designed, take in the seminar and enjoy a full day of “our” kind of fun. (This is the one-hour version of the seminar.) More information.

In between Game Fair weekends, I’ll visit Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, doing my two-hour seminar on Aug. 16at 4 p.m. This is an incredible facility, so if you can’t get to Anoka, come down to Prior Lake.

September 27-28, Castle Valley Outdoors, near Emory Utah. This two-day version gets you into the field as well as hearing the entire two-hour seminar during meal times. Limited space! More information.

Come meet my wirehairs Buddy and Manny, bring your son or daughter and let’s have some fun while we learn something.

Thanks to my sponsors for their support – they make this seminar series possible:


[I have a couple more openings in late summer. If you have a club or lodge that would like to book a seminar, I’d appreciate hearing from you!]

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