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Quick reminder: the deltawaterfowl.org QuickPolls are fun and informative. Go here and take one or more, and leave your comments too. If you want to talk about the subject on my nationally-syndicated radio show, here’s a good way to do it. You might win some great DW stuff, too!

Right now, I’m looking for your best – and worst – stories about hunting and fishing partners and what they’ve brought on trips. What strange, smelly, annoying things have shared your truck, duck blind, or tent? Your vote hasn’t been submitted yet! Make your feelings known, and check back often for new polls.

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Okay, I’m back from nine relaxing days in the sun, rain, humidity and assorted drinks with too much fruit in them. But it wasn’t all fun in the sun. We got a lot of exercise. So rather than the usual “what I did on my vacation” essay, here’s your quiz on my trip. Watch the video then answer these questions:

Where are we?

What kind of dogs are these?

What are they doing?

Why are they so quiet?

Why did it rain every time I set foot outdoors?

The most creative (and somewhat accurate) answers will earn Blaze Buddy Bandannas, so plant your answers in the comment section!

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Watch. Learn. Be disgusted. Then share your story in the comments section and you might win a $25 Cabela’s gift certificate.

[And take the Delta Waterfowl QuickPoll here to win great DW prizes.]

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Alright everyone, time to put on your thinking caps … blaze orange, of course. My radio show has a Trivia Quiz every week: one simple question, everyone wins, we all have fun (why else do it?). I need a few contestants!

You win a Cabela’s $25 gift certificate (I help with the tough questions). Subjects are anything in the way of outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, and wildlife. We record the show on Wednesdays, and arrange a 15 minute block of time in advance for your national radio debut (200,000 listeners).

If you’re up for the challenge and a good time, just drop me a line at scottlindenoutdoors@gmail.com with your phone number and we’ll schedule a convenient time for us to call you. Thanks!

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Alright everyone, time to take things up a notch. Now that our Facebook page is up and running, I’d like to encourage members of the Upland Nation to become fans and friends of Wingshooting USA. You can help … and WIN a Cabela’s $25 gift certificate. Become a fan yourself, then encourage your friends to become fans or friends. Make sure they tell me you sent them to ensure you get credit. Once per month, I’ll draw a Cabela’s certificate winner from among those whose friends have given them credit. Fire up those typing fingers!

What? You haven’t visited our Facebook page yet? Go here, then start emailing your friends and win that certificate!

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