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In this country, rush hour is a herd of whiteface cattle who refuse to stay in their own lane. There are more cows than people here, so we usually yield right of way to them. Besides, what’s the rush?

enchanted canyon on the horizon

Through the windshield: enchanted canyon is at the end of this asphalt rainbow

It’s easy for me to say, when I actually choose to end my hunt early because it was so good.

I don’t mean a vest overflowing with birds, not even close. But enough, in the right places. Dog work to match. Both left a satisfying heft in the bag and the mind.

A creek bed thicket offered one covey of valley quail, a bird dropping into a small forest of alders and willows only Buddy could negotiate, dropping it gently in my palm. A single against the steeply dropping bank, again, only found thanks to the marvelous canine nose I’m privileged to feed twice daily.

No, this trip ended early because the senses were sated, all of them, in very special ways.

I pointed the rig north beyond familiar canyons and draws, looking for new coveys. My eye turned west, drawn to a brilliant yellow vein of aspens snaking downstream, tracing a small creek’s route out of a towering rock cleft straight from Lord of the Rings. The road ended at the lava gateway to this mountain range, and we hunted every inch of the watercourse.

Not a single wingbeat interrupted our visit to this enchanted place, and after the fact, I’m grateful. Yellow, gold, red and amber leaves formed an unbroken ceiling above and covered the desert floor. The stream bottom was similarly paved, deserving of a magazine cover (and me without my camera!). It was as a Narnia-like world, where fantasy meets reality, and you’re not quite sure which is which.

But my camp was still miles away. A small desert lake, void of anglers this time of year, was my destination. I reveled at the chance to cherry-pick my spot, and headed for the far side. The tallest fault block mountain on the continent dwarfed our little camp. A fan of bare sand forms my personal beach, and soon a fire is crackling and the Scotch is poured.

Buddy roams, unfettered by neighbors or responsibility. He doesn’t quite know what to do, unleashed and free, so stays close to me and the warming fire. Together, we watch a flock of Canada Geese graze in undulating lines toward the lakeshore, stalked by a coyote. He hides, they move, he creeps, they adjust the distance. Eventually, the geese prevail, reaching the water, well fed and safe for the time being.

From both ends of the lake, mule deer materialize in ones and twos. Soon, two dozen are drinking. At the far south end the dominant buck emerges, four points on each side, regal in his aloneness. Stars soon carpet the sky, a few shooting, all sparkling.

In the morning coffee’s sharp jolt kindles a brief memory, leading to the only logical conclusion: how could you top that?

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No dirt, no snakes, but Manny and Buddy will be there as will the Aliner Expedition pop-up trailer.

Moved in, unpacked, and already made two new friends and saw a couple old ones. This should be a winner – 2nd Annual Gun Dog Expo this year in Portland Oregon. Starts tomorrow! Great seminars, including my “What the Dogs Taught Me,” and plenty for waterfowlers and uplanders.

We’re playing the “Real Bird Bumper Brawl” at my chukar camp … so stop by and win a prize! More info here.

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Hope you’ll invest in some gear that will last a lifetime, guaranteed. My Signature Series of dog training and hunting gear has grown again. See the full line here, including a quail-sized Real Bird Bumper, collars, over-the-shoulder leads and more.

Everything is personally designed by me to better solve real training and hunting problems, and be more comfortable for you and your dog than other products on the market.

Made in the U.S.A., too!

Every purchase includes a donation to the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, so dig deep.

And thanks for your business!

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From a "Buddy & Me" segment.

My Wingshooting USA television series kicks off its third season the week of Sept. 26 on five networks, including NBC Sports. I hope you’ll watch.

Highlights include the first hunt for my German Wirehair puppy Manny, a horseback hunt in South Dakota, and an Idaho hunt with the viewer who won the show’s “Take Your Kid Hunting” sweepstakes. The upland industry’s widest-ranging conservation and public service initiative also kicks off with the first broadcast.

You know as I do, it’s all about the dogs, so elite canine athletes and fast-paced hunting action are the primary focus of the program, with locations ranging from North Dakota to Oregon. Species include ringneck pheasants, sharptail grouse, chukars and prairie chickens. The fan favorite “Buddy & Me” segment returns with hunting, training and shooting tips dispensed by Linden’s older (and wiser) wirehair Buddy.

The debut episode also launches our public service effort, “TruckVault Cares … about conservation, canines & kids.” The viral, interactive and broadcast effort raises funds and awareness for six groups: Ruffed Grouse Society, International Hunter Education Association, AKC Canine Health Foundation, Scholastic Clay Target Program, North American Grouse Partnership and a nationwide coalition of hunting dog rescue clubs.

Win a trip to be on the show, too. We’re hunting on horseback for chukars at one of my favorite places. Enter here.

Show sponsors include the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s WingshootingUSA.org hunting promotion initiative; TruckVault secure vehicle storage systems; Happy Jack Inc. dog health products; Kent Cartridge; Fausti Shotguns; Ugly Dog Hunting Co.; Filson apparel; South Dakota Tourism and Watertown, SD; PreferredLodges.com; and Tri-Tronics electronic training collars.

In addition to NBC Sports (formerly VERSUS), the award-winning program airs on Sportsman Channel, AMG-TV, TUFF-TV and Legacy Television. Days and times vary by network; detailed program information and a preview episode are available here.

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Got a tip for starting this little guy right? You could see it on the TV show!

Got a great bird hunting tip? Share it in my “Upland Insider” feature graphic on Wingshooting USA. I’m compiling suggestions for next fall’s shows NOW and your input is needed.

You could win everlasting fame, the admiration of your hunting buddies, when we put your name on the screen. Go here for more information.

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