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Can your dog make you a better shooter? I think so, and will tell you how if you’re going to Omaha for this year’s

Now what? We'll cover that at Pheasant Fest.

Pheasant Fest, Jan. 28-30 at the Qwest Center. And once you’ve shot that ringneck and your dog has delivered it to hand, what does he want in the way of praise? Buddy’s showed me that, too.

Thanks to sponsors TruckVault, Happy Jack, Filson, and Native performance dog food, I can share with you: stuff my dog’s taught me, tips from the experts I’ve hunted with on the show, fun, games and a box full of prizes. They’re all part of my Bird Hunting Boot Camp seminars – ten of them – on two different stages at Pheasant Fest. Go here for more details, then come say hello … you never know, you might win a Cabela’s gift certificate or free bag of Native performance dog food.

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Hope you had a good holiday … here, reviewing final edits on the second season’s set of “Buddy & Me” segments and again am reminded of what we can all learn from dogs. I’ll post another from last season soon and promise to create a page for them soon. Honest!

From one of the "Buddy & Me" segments

Meanwhile, only five seats left for my “Bird Hunting Boot Camp” in Portland, Ore. on July 24. It’s free and fun – at least the folks at Pheasant Fest thought so. Get more information and a link to the reservation email here. (I’m doing it in Seattle in August – follow the link for dates.)

And man, oh Manny! I forgot what raising a puppy was like. Sleep deprived, yes. But so far, worth the sacrifice. He’s a bold, inquisitive pup that goes paw-to-paw with his uncle Buddy in the mouth wrestling department. I’m using many of the strategies outlined in Larry Mueller’s book Speed Training Your Own Bird Dog, and here’s why: that guy had an entirely different take on how dogs think, and why they do what they do. With my first wire, Bill, 22 years ago, I worked with an obedience trainer who had studied wolves. He, too, had a different perspective on dog psychology and it’s stuck with me. When I get around to the next book, they will both be acknowledged in the foreword.

Hope to see you in Portland!

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