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Got a couple hours on July 28? Near Portland, Oregon? Let’s get together at the Filson store in the Pearl District and talk dogs!

In my “What the Dogs Taught Me” seminar I ask:  Sure, we can train our hunting dogs, but can they train us?

My hope is the seminar will shave two years off the learning curve, empowering newcomers to better enjoy and stick with bird hunting and dog training. I may not be a very good shooter, but I am pretty good at paying attention to what dogs do, in the field, yard, and while lounging on the couch at home. Those observations are soon to become ‘201-level’ handbook for bird hunters as a book published by Skyhorse Publishing of New York. You can get it well before publication at the Filson store on July 28.

Hope you’ll join me! It’s free. Make reservations at rsvp@filson.com.

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News release: Wingshooting USA helps members, supporters raise funds with a mouse click

Scott Linden hopes to put TruckVault’s money where his viewers’ mouse is. The second annual version of his public service fundraiser launches June 25 on the six TV networks carrying his show, Wingshooting USA. Dubbed “TruckVault Cares … about conservation, canines & kids,” the initiative motivates sportsmen to raise funds and awareness for six different groups, and possibly win prizes for themselves.

Six groups benefit from votes tallied at www.truckvaultcares.com: Ruffed Grouse Society, International Hunter Education Association, Quail Unlimited, National 4H Shooting Sports, Scholastic Clay Target Program, and a nationwide coalition of hunting dog rescue clubs. Linden says all groups also benefit from the “cross-pollination” among shared and potential members who learn more about each group when they vote and watch informational segments on his TV show. Together, the groups claim over a million member-supporters.

Last year’s effort attracted over 170,000 web visits, and this year’s should prove just as popular, Linden said. This year prizes will be awarded every 5,000 votes as well as at the conclusion of voting on Dec. 31, 2012. A South Dakota duck and pheasant hunt at Warne Ranch is one of the prizes, as are Peet shoe dryers, Kent Cartridge ammunition, Filson apparel, a TruckVault, Ugly Dog Hunting Co. gear, and Happy Jack dog care products.

Last year, each group was represented at the online voting site by a Labrador puppy. Viewers have chosen English Setters as the breed for this year’s pups. Every vote puts kibble into the pup’s food bowl and sends a proportional amount of the $10,000 fund to that group’s treasury.

Through television commercials and in-show educational features, print ads and online promotion, Wingshooting USA viewers will be urged to vote online for their favorite group, and motivate their friends to vote. Members can also use social media to “get out the vote” among friends, sending new voters to the site to raise even more funds.

Wingshooting USA is the official TV series of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Created and hosted by Scott Linden, the program airs on six networks year-round, available in 207 million households via cable, satellite and over-the-air stations in all media markets


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It’s that time of year! My new “What the Dogs Taught Me” seminar hits the road, and you’re invited. Several variations and a diverse set of locations should make it easy for you and your friends to join me somewhere and learn more about your dog, while improving your hunting skills.

In addition, you'll get behind-the-camera stories - at least the clean ones!

The new seminar is based on the book I’m writing for Skyhorse Publishing, so you’ll be getting a sneak preview. Hunting with over 200 dogs while hosting and producing Wingshooting USA, I’ve learned a thing or three and hope to share them with you. And while newcomers will benefit most, even upland veterans will have their “a-ha” moments discovering helpful hints that make their days afield more productive. The seminar and book can best be described as a ‘201-level’ handbook for bird hunters with dogs.

I’ve learned so much simply by observing dogs. Not necessarily about training them, in fact just the opposite. The seminar and book will be like hunting with an experienced friend, observing his and his dog’s habits, the nuances and myriad little things that subconsciously become part of an uplander’s repertoire.

This year, I’m offering a two-day in-field version of the seminar. Visit the lodge, listen to me during meals, and we’re out in the field applying those lessons throughout the day. I’ll visit with every hunter individually in the field and offer individualized coaching and suggestions.

I fully expect to learn as much from you and your dogs, as you do from me and mine! Here’s the schedule so far:

June 22-24 Gun Dog Expo, Holiday Inn Portland Airport – Columbia Conference Center, Portland Oregon. (This is the one-hour version of the seminar.) I’ll set up “chukar camp” in the show – stop by and play a game, win a prize. More information.

Saturday, July 28, Filson retail store, Portland Oregon. Starts 11 a.m. and runs to 1 p.m. Limited space – make your reservations now: rsvp@filson.com and tell us how many friends you’ll be bringing. (This is always a good time – new merchandise will be unveiled at the event, and we always have a drawing for great gear.)

August 10-12 and August 17-19: Game Fair, Anoka Minn. My first visit to this incredible event! Stop by my “chukar camp” and try some of the new gear I’ve designed, take in the seminar and enjoy a full day of “our” kind of fun. (This is the one-hour version of the seminar.) More information.

In between Game Fair weekends, I’ll visit Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, doing my two-hour seminar on Aug. 16at 4 p.m. This is an incredible facility, so if you can’t get to Anoka, come down to Prior Lake.

September 27-28, Castle Valley Outdoors, near Emory Utah. This two-day version gets you into the field as well as hearing the entire two-hour seminar during meal times. Limited space! More information.

Come meet my wirehairs Buddy and Manny, bring your son or daughter and let’s have some fun while we learn something.

Thanks to my sponsors for their support – they make this seminar series possible:


[I have a couple more openings in late summer. If you have a club or lodge that would like to book a seminar, I’d appreciate hearing from you!]

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Christy Kota has cast the 60,000th vote in Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA TV conservation initiative “TruckVault Cares … for conservation, canines & kids.” The multimedia effort raises funds and public awareness for six non-profit groups. It is sponsored by TruckVault secure vehicle storage systems, with additional support from Filson apparel, Fausti shotguns, Kent Cartridge ammo and Tri-Tronics electronic dog training collars. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is title sponsor of the show.

Kota will receive a gift certificate from program sponsor Filson for her vote. In addition to the 60,000 votes, the initiative’s web pages have seen over 200,000 visits by viewers seeking more information on each group and sponsors. Groups benefitting from the year-long effort include Ruffed Grouse Society, Gun Dog Rescue groups, International Hunter Education Association, North American Grouse Partnership and the AKC-Canine Health Foundation. Every vote sends a proportional amount of the $10,000 prize fund to the group’s treasury. Besides sharing in the funds raised, host-creator Scott Linden says all groups benefit from heightened public awareness of their work.

Every voter is entered to win gear from a long list of prizes … TruckVault, Scott Linden’s own Fausti shotgun, prints, dog crates and e-collars.

Together, the groups claim over a million member-supporters. The AKC Canine Health Foundation leads in voting, having surpassed the 27,800 vote mark. Second place is occupied by the Scholastic Clay Target Program. For more information or to vote, go to http://www.truckvaultcares.com.

Through television commercials and in-show features, Wingshooting USA viewers are educated to each group’s mission and urged to vote online for their favorite group. Members can also use social media to “get out the vote,” sending additional voters to the site to raise more funds. Each group is represented at the site by a Labrador puppy; voting is tracked by adding kibble to each puppy’s food bowl. The initiative runs through March, 2012.

Watch the TV commercial here:

This video doesn’t exist

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Quick reminder: Wingshooting USA apparel sponsor Filson is hosting my “Bird Hunting Boot Camp” (an extended, two-hour version) Sat. July 23 at their Seattle store. And this one is FREE. But you need to register in advance at rsvp@filson.com, so get on it ASAP. Last year was standing-room only and everyone had a great time. Starts at noon.

This year, I’m bringing Buddy as my teaching partner, so come on down and meet the real star of Wingshooting USA. Bring dog biscuits … and a treat for Buddy too. Get more information here.

Buddy sez ... come to Seattle!

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