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"It was 'ruff' but we finally made our own FaceBook page. When we were done, we thought Scott said we could have a steak ... but he really meant stake."

Buddy and Manny finally got their own FaceBook page. They’d love to hear from you, so go ahead and “Like” them here.

Sure, I help a little – they don’t type very well. But it’s their page, so don’t believe everything they say about me, my shooting ability, or my training skills.

Any claims about bird-finding are suspect too.

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Alright everyone, time to take things up a notch. Now that our Facebook page is up and running, I’d like to encourage members of the Upland Nation to become fans and friends of Wingshooting USA. You can help … and WIN a Cabela’s $25 gift certificate. Become a fan yourself, then encourage your friends to become fans or friends. Make sure they tell me you sent them to¬†ensure you get credit. Once per month, I’ll draw a Cabela’s certificate winner from among those whose friends have given them credit. Fire up those typing fingers!

What? You haven’t visited our Facebook page yet? Go here, then start emailing your friends and win that certificate!

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