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Like so many aspects of our truck buildout, the custom bumper was just that. Nobody had built one yet for a 2011 1/2 ton Dodge short bed until James and the crew stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

Warn provided the lights and winch, Expedition One provided the design expertise. I am ready for any deer or elk – stay outta my (high)way!

The Warn winch posed some challenges, but the guys were up for them.

Off with the old.


Good job guys!

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What you'll see if I'm driving right at ya.

Check out the preliminary construction drawings on the first-ever bumper/winch rig for a 2011 Dodge Ram pickup … designed via CAD-CAM by our newest partner, Expedition One.

These guys know dirt, ruts, and off-roading. For a bird hunter who loves getting off pavement, there is no better supplier of gear, so naturally when our truck build “general contractor” Columbia Overland needed a bumper for the Wingshooting USA rig, they went to Expedition One.

Get down in front of your truck. Look at your own bumper, how it’s mounted to the frame, and what’s expected of a real bumper … from bumps, to load-bearing, to functionality on the road. Imagine the design factors in building a brand-new one, and you can then appreciate the engineering expertise of Expedition One.

Your view as we streak by enroute to the chukar hills, or the nearest tavern.

Looking toward a September installation, just in time for prairie grouse in Montana and South Dakota! Watch for the Expedition One bumper, equipped with Warn winch and off-road lighting package next season on Wingshooting USA.

And then, check out my exclusive interview with Gun Dog columnist Dave Carty!

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