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In Denver last weekend you wondered aloud why we hunt. Why anyone would work so hard and so long for a few bits of protein. I thought about that while hunting chukars today. Thanks for the motivation – everyone should go through this exercise periodically, taking stock of why they wander the ridgelines and prairies. Other hunters may have their own reasons, but here are some of mine: 

Oh yeah, and then there's the scenery

It starts, and ends, with the mystery and magic of a dog at work, centuries of genetics and instinct in a furry, panting, slobbering package … the manic excitement of that first 15 minutes out of the truck, trembling, intense points, the way at the end of the day he lays his head on my lap as we drive home. A hunter knows where the term “dog tired” came from. Dog and man, hunting, speak a language others don’t understand, and both of us are better off from our time together. There’s tiny towns like Fields, Oregon, population 9, opening its arms and hearts to me. Rural America is alive and well if you know where to look. Hunting places are full of honest, kind, helpful, hard-working people and we are lucky to share their world if only for a few days. 

There’s the chance to spend time with the only person from college worth spending time with. Sure, it’s just an excuse and we could do the same on the golf course or in Vegas … or could we? Sharing a wild place puts things in perspective. There is no posturing, there are no walls, literally and figuratively. Knowing you’re in a place where humans aren’t at the top of the (more…)

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