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This time, it could be your dog in front of the Wingshooting USA camera!

Have you seen that YouTube talking dog? He doesn’t really talk, but he does move his mouth at the right time for someone to overdub some hilarious lines! Well, I’ve got a sponsor who wants to do a spoof of that gag in a TV commercial on Wingshooting USA, and we need a hunting dog that will “talk” on command.

He/she will need to “talk” for several seconds in a row, several times in succession for a total of 20-25 seconds. You can prompt, cue, sing along, bark or otherwise help your dog because we’ll be cutting in our own dialogue after we get the video shot.

I’d like to see a brief audition video if you think your pup has “star quality.” So, have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch. (Just kidding, except for the audition video part!) Drop me a line if you have questions, or send the video to scottlindenoutdoors@gmail.com.

I can’t promise adoring groupies, a dressing trailer with built-in sycophants, nor Twitter scandals. But the job pays $200, and your dog will be on national TV.

I will also make a $100 donation to the hunting dog rescue club of your choice, in your dog’s name.

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