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Who needs Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Why fight the crowds when you can get great gear right here for you, your dog and your friends. Special holiday offer:  I will double my contribution to the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association for every order placed before Dec. 21. Just follow the link, learn more, watch the video, and place your order.

Comfort … for you and your dog … and simply a better solution to the problems bird hunters and dog owners face every day in the field.  That’s my goal, and my Signature Series  of products will help. There’s plenty to choose from: my very popular new Comfort Collar, over-the-shoulder “Jaeger-style” leads for upland and waterfowl hunters, and of course, the product that started the revolution, my Real Bird Bumper.
Along with George Hickox, “Hunting with Hank’s” Dez Young, NAVHDA founder Ed Bailey, Pheasants Forever, the Filson catalog and hundreds of dog owners, pro trainer Ronnie Smith has joined the ranks of Real Bird Bumper believers. Sure, it might cost more than the others, but it lasts a lifetime and is a far better solution to the problems you encounter when training the retrieve. You – and your dog – deserve success in the field and it starts right here. What do these experts know that you don’t, yet? That realistic training tools make your time in the field more productive and more fun!

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Hope you’ll invest in some gear that will last a lifetime, guaranteed. My Signature Series of dog training and hunting gear has grown again. See the full line here, including a quail-sized Real Bird Bumper, collars, over-the-shoulder leads and more.

Everything is personally designed by me to better solve real training and hunting problems, and be more comfortable for you and your dog than other products on the market.

Made in the U.S.A., too!

Every purchase includes a donation to the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, so dig deep.

And thanks for your business!

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If you were the emperor of the universe, you’d … re-design that stinkin’ leash!

Judging from the continued traffic on my post about dog boots, it’s clear there is a lot of frustration with the gear we subject our dogs to. When discussion centers on a “good” pair of boots being good because they last two days, you know there is plenty of room for improvement.

But what are your biggest peeves? Is it a collar that just won’t fit Rover? Or a leash that requires your dog to help when you clip it on him? Maybe you wish (like me) for a gizmo that will tame your whistle lanyard.

I’m on my way to the SHOT Show, where all the newest gear is premiered for those in the shooting and hunting trade … including, I hope, some new doggy stuff. While I’m away, here’s your chance to vent, or make suggestions. Someone out there might actually build a better mousetrap!

On the other paw, maybe there’s something you really, really like and feel we should know about. Here’s your chance – make a comment! And if someone does know about a three-day dog boot, tell the rest of us, please. And if you check “other” on the poll, please tell us what you want or need in the comments section! Thanks.

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