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Okay everyone, the build-out begins! Here is the first item for the new rig: a TruckVault now under construction in Sedro Wolley, Washington. I’ve got on in our Chevy Tahoe, had one in the last pickup, and can’t wait to get this one into the new Dodge. That’s the blueprint for it, on your left.

TruckVaults are incredible tools: secure storage, beautiful to look at, and fully functional. They allow you to put your gear in one handy place, and leave it there, secure in the knowledge no bad guys can get at it. In fact, most times, they won’t even know you have one! I leave all my hunting stuff in there throughout the season, swap it out for fishing in the spring. This year, one drawer is devoted to dog training for Manny’s upcoming hunt tests. Learn more at my friend Al Chandler’s site.

The current model

You’ve seen my current TruckVault on the Buddy & Me segments of Wingshooting USA and the new one will make its debut during this fall’s shooting season.

Which reminds me … still looking for more great ideas to “Trick my truck!” Wheels? Rack? Electronics? Leave your suggestions, please.

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Okay UPLAND NATION, time to get your hands greasy and your heads into a creative place. Let’s trick this truck.

It’s pretty basic now, but that’s how I like things – at least to start. My wife the painter first puts down a layer of white

Budget? Nah. The world is our oyster, at least for the moment, when it comes to customizing this rig.

gesso on every canvas, then starts splashing on the colors … lots of them. Like her blank canvas, this rig is white. Now the fun begins.

It’s a 2011 Dodge Ram (yes, that thing has a hemi), half-ton chassis, crew cab. Besides your great personalized license plate suggestions, what would you put on, pull behind, stack up, or otherwise do to this truck to make it the ultimate bird hunting rig? Practical, sure. Just plain cool stuff? You bet. What do you wish you’d spec’d out on yours? What have you seen that is now on your wish list?

You make the suggestions. Then I’ll start making the calls. We’ll all see the results next year on Wingshooting USA.

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