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A better way to haul dummies

Besides re-connecting with so many old friends and road warriors (from John Kirk to the Edwards family to Mike Chausee from Island Lodge), a sportsmen’s show like this is a chance to learn something … or more. You’ve sat in a boring, slow-moving lecture, presentation, or “seminar.” This is just the opposite. While at it’s worst, I’ll consider learning one thing enough to justify the price of admission, more than that is a bonus!

My first day, two things you’ll be interested in were bestowed on this feeble mind:
1. Thanks Tom Herman, owner of Grits the Labrador Retriever, for this insight. How to gauge whether or not you’ve provided enough positive feedback to your dog? The lips have it. Tom suggests a dog is satisfied with your praise (at whatever level) when he licks his lips, and swallows. Tom also says most of us over-praise. Experiment with less, look to the pup’s mouth, and decide whether more is required.
2. You’ve seen and maybe use, that leash-around-the-waist trick. C.J. Kausels and Tom Herman both coupled it with another lead on the collar for “stereo” training. Remember your physics or geometry, and you’ll recall that two points of leverage trump one every time. Try it some time when “heel” is a pain in the uh, heel.
3. Herman also had one groovy time and effort-saving trick. Whether you shoot waterfowl or not, use that dusty duck strap to hang your retrieving bumpers. No extra duffle bag, vest, or belt required.
Thanks, guys. My turn tomorrow – see you all in the Sporting Dog Arena and Hunting/Adventure Theater!

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