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Time to substitute a magnum mallard for the pine cone.

I’m not much of a duck hunter. The occasional mallard that flies within range or that we jump while wandering near a pond or stream, sure. But my preferences don’t matter. Manny’s got to have duck-hunting chops for the NAVHDA Utility test.

He’s required to successfully complete a “duck search,” combing brushy water for a frantically escaping/hiding duck. He’s got to stand or sit still while shots ring out across a “duck pond,” eventually swimming through bobbing decoys to make a strong retrieve.

So, I’ve dusted off my floaters and silhouettes (geese too) and started acquainting the youngster with faux fowl.

He’s shown little interest in the plastic phonies while retrieving most everything that I’ve placed in, around, or beyond the blocks. His uncle, on the other hand, has retrieved several decoys to hand! Maybe he’s just trying to be helpful.

We’ve only just begun, and our work has been restricted to dry land. But I’m bullish. Many of you know, that’s a far cry from a full string dekes, plus gunshots, a real dead duck and a gallery of fellow test-takers and judges. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have you done much “decoy work” like this? Any advice?

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