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We started with this, and went WAY beyond.

Oh boy! The Aliner Expedition arrived today and it is locked and loaded for a bird hunter. Details to come soon, but a quick shout out to Ned Collins and his creative crew at Aliner for such an innovative approach to customizing the rig. Thanks Dan Hyland for delivering and giving us the more-than-fifty-cent tour/orientation. Stand by!

The trailer’s arrival primes the season’s-almost-here pump, for sure. Here, a warm-up at a local preserve kicks off the Awesome Upland Road trip on Oct. 5. From there, chukar opener on the 8th and then off to Illinois for the first TV shoot of the season.

What kicks it off for you? Is it a place, hunting buddy, specific bird species that gets you going? We’re all gear junkies – does that set you off? The planning?

Here, it’s just 20 days and we’re hunting. You?

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