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Sometimes, you just gotta step back and reflect. For what it’s worth, everything we see in our quest for birds, our dog training regimen, even our seemingly pointless walks in the woods has relevance.

Sometimes, a "trout's window" is the perfect viewpoint for bird season

Sometimes, a "trout's window" is the perfect viewpoint for bird season

It may simply wake us up to the goings-on around us, or spark an idea, but I’ll bet you take a moment or two (subconsciously or not) to think about the same things.

The funny coyote scat turned out to be from a first-ever (for us) crop of currants just up the hill in the old burn. Doubt they’ll ever become jelly in our kitchen, but what a surprise. The bright red berries, adding an exclamation mark to every run and dog training session, now punctuate our little patch of high desert.

Those same coyotes are getting bolder and bolder. Our morning runs are greeted by a coughing bark (not a howl), that I’m convinced is an invitation to my wirehair Buddy … that I discourage robustly.

Hoping this is an omen (maybe that’s what we see in all the signs) of hunting season, I finally went upstream from the bridge I usually power over, exceeding the speed limit enroute to other hunting and fishing destinations. Sparkling water, no people, and pools full of youngish redband rainbow trout. Except for the mosquitoes, an altogether positive trip and (I hope) a sign of things to come this October.

Philosophers, theologians, and new-age channelers might have other ideas, or attach more import to the signs. I just hope it means strong bird hatches and good carryover.


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